About Teresa

Teresa was born and raised on a Thoroughbred breeding farm in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Following five generations of horsemen, riders and trainers, Teresa's career path was almost inevitable. She has had a natural ability to ride and has loved to compete since her first lead line class. As a teenager, she began to Event and eventually developed into a successful upper-level Eventer. To further her experience, she launched a business in developing and training horses closer to the competitive event scene of Middleburg, Virginia in 2002. After spending six years in Virginia's she designed and opened her current facility, Winsome Stables, just miles away from Aiken's premiere equestrian scene. Teresa's passion for the American Thoroughbred, lead to the development her businesses year-round training, teaching, competition and sales programs. She has trained numerous horses that have gone on to be competitive upper level Dressage, Show Hunters, and Event horses.

Teresa has been fortunate enough to train with some of the most successful coaches in the Equestrian world such as James Wofford, three-time Olympian; Stuart Black, Canadian Pan-American medalist; Michel Vaillancourt, Canadian Olympic Show jumping silver medalist; Doug Payne, four-star competitor and trainer as well as her long-time coach and mentor, Kim Severson a two-time Olympic medalist.

Teresa truly has a passion for the American Thoroughbred and has owned and trained numerous Thoroughbreds that have become competitive upper level Event horses. Here are some notable accomplishments by horses developed and ridden by Teresa.